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Ristorante Messicano



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Our products are elaborated with Italian raw materials of the highest quality respecting the traditional recipes of Mexico.

Our staff is very attentive and prepared in the production of our products taking care of every detail.


Our secret for the delicios flavored tortilla lies in the Italian-Mexican fusion. 

Using Italian corn and the ancient Mexican milling process to produce an entirely artisanal product with an unique flavor. 


We use only the best corn grains produced in Italy without GMO.

In our factory we carry out all the food safety standards to bring an excellent product to the clients. 

Information and Catalog

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Ethnic stores, grocery stores, bars, restaurants, pubs, taquerias, fusion, bistros, sushi, etc.


Internal production

The production of our MEXSABORES products takes place in our factory:

  1. Masa dough

  2. Cutting and cooking of tortillas

  3. Frying products (Totopos nachos and Tostis nachos)

  4. Product packaging and packing


We import typical Mexican products of the best brands, adding value to the sales portfolio and satisfying the high demand that exists for them.


Our warehouse includes over 100 different Mexican products and every day we work to bring you more and more. 

We strive to fulfill orders within 24 hours after your purchase.

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Retail format

Our products are sold in the best grocery stores in Italy.

Restaurant Format

The best restaurants have chosen to include our products in their menus because our products have the highest quality. 
We have Tortillas, Totopos and Tostis and many other Mexican products necessary to prepare authentic dishes. 

Recipes and Support

Recipes catalog

Indulge in preparing many typical dishes trying to make many different recipes to propose and share with your friends and family.

Business Activities

Restaurants and retail stores have come to rely on the quality of our products and the variety we have available. Be part of our sales network!

What you can't find

Mexsabores focuses mainly on customers because our goal is to bring a little bit of Mexico to Mexicans who for different reasons are in Europe and to help them sharing their gastronomic tradition with their families and friends.

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Who has already chosen us

These are some of our customers, What are you waiting for? Contact us!

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