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Prodotti messicani alimentari




Our products are elaborated with the highest quality Italian raw materials, respecting the traditional recipes of Mexico.

Our staff is a committed and trained in the production of our products, taking care of every detail.

In our factory we carry out all food with the safety regulations in order to bring an excellent product the clients.


Combination between Mexico and Italy

Our secret to an excellent flavored tortilla lies in the Italian-Mexican fusion. 

Using the Italian corn and the ancient grinding process to produce an entirely artisanal product with an exceptional taste.


Nixtamalized corn. 

Staying loyal to our culinary traditions we process our products with nixtamalized corn. This type of treatment has the advantage of lowering the level of contamination of the caryopsis through the removal of the pericarp and the preservation of many nutritional principles.


A unique flavor

We use the best quality Italian raw material to remember Mexico through its flavors.

Remaining faithful to the traditional Mexican recipes, we manage to obtain a product with an incomparable flavor.

Mexican recipes

With our Tortillas, Totopos and Tostis; symbol of the Mexican tradition you can prepare the typical dishes of our gastronomy.

From Mexicans to Mexicans

Mexsabores focuses mainly on our customers because our goal is to bring a little bit of Mexico to Mexicans whom for different reasons are in Europe and to help them sharing with their families or friends the gastronomic tradition.

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Local raw materials

Tortillas 100% nixtamalized with Italian corn produced in Italy with top quality flour, no GMO and with a unique flavor. 

Our cuisine

In our factory we take care of every detail to obtain a product of excellent quality, respecting all the hygienic and sanitary requirements.

The reason to produce in Italy

Made in Italy is synonymous with quality.


Raw Material

Ready-made products

We have typical Mexican products of the best brands to give added value to the sales portfolio and meet the high demand that exists for them.

We import the most demanded ingredients from Mexico in order to be able to make traditional Mexican recipes.

What you can´t find

Through new technologies such as eCommerce and social networks, we want to offer to all our customers the possibility to obtain in a quick and easy way all the necessary ingredients to cook the real Mexican food. We choose to use the best quality raw materials available and make Mexican products that remind us of the traditions we have been used to since childhood. Who doesn't remember going to buy tortillas and eating a tortilla with a pinch of salt while waiting our turn?

In Mexsabores we want to recreate that experience in our factory located in Cornaredo, Milan. 

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Authentic Mexican Food

"When I arrived in Italy I could not find real Mexican food, so I decided to produce it myself!"

Cesar Mora - Founder of MEXSABORES

Our History

 2015  The idea of creating the first Mexican tortilleria is born

"Mexico de mis Sabores" wants to bring the first tortilla factory to Milan following the original Mexican recipes and authentic production methods.

 2016  The foundation of a young Italian-Mexican startup

Mexsabores starts its operations bringing the best Mexican products to Italy. Corn tortillas, sauces, spices, chilies, chips and more.

 2020 Mexsabores becomes the #1 Mexican eCommerce

After years of market positioning, Mexsabores becomes the reference point in Italy for variety of products and especially for the production in Milan of corn products "Made in Italy": Tortillas, totopos and tostis.

Our Offer

We have more than 100 different products to satisfy your demands. 

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