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Flour Tortillas for mexicans

Flour or wheat tortillas is a flattened bread that is made with wheat flour and does not have any type of yeast. It is part of the daily diet in the north of Mexico, unlike the center and south of the country, it is more common to eat tortillas that are made with nixtamalized corn. But still both tortillas are widely consumed throughout the country, usually for different dishes.

Flour tortillas are used to prepare burritos, quesadillas, sincronizadas, tacos, the famous "gringa", which is carne al pastor, cheese, and pineapple (you can ask for it without pineapple if you don't like it) in the middle of two flour tortillas, Dobladitas, among other examples in which this tortilla can be used. There are even recipes to prepare sweet dishes such as adding sugar, jams, butter, Nutella and even cajeta.

In Texas and New Mexico, wheat tortillas are used to prepare the famous chimichangas and burritos.

We have several sizes of wheat flour tortillas in Stock! 15, 20 , 25 and 30 centimeters.....Make a yourself a super burrito!

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