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September in Mexico

Important dates

September 16th

In Mexico, the month of September there are many celebrations due to all the events that took place. The most emblematic and important is September 16, the day when Mexico's independence from the Spanish in 1810 is celebrated. On September 15 at 11:00 pm is when the president of the Mexican Republic makes the Independence shout at the National Palace, and is when Mexican families gather to eat typical dishes such as chile en nogada, pozole, tostadas, tacos, among other delicacies.

September 8th

But it is also important to mention that on September 8, 1768 Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez was born, also known as the "corregidora" and born in Ciudad Valladolid, today Morelia, Michoacan. This woman was indispensable in the independence of Mexico because thanks to her the Mexican people knew that the Spaniards had found out about the conspiracy of Queretaro, this made Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla ring the bell so that the people would rise up in arms, which was planned to happen months later.

September 13th

September 13 commemorates the “niños heroes” thanks to their heroic defense at Chapultepec Castle in 1847. This occurred because there was an invasion of Mexico by the United States and 46 Mexican cadets participated in this war, of which 5 were students and one was a recent graduate from military school. The boy heroes are Fernando Montes de Oca, 18 years old, Francisco Márquez, 12 years old, Juan de la Barrera, 19 years old, Juan Escutia, 20 years old, Vicente Suárez, 14 years old and Agustín Melgar, 17 years old. All of them were killed and at the request of those who survived, a ceremony was held to commemorate and remember the cadets who died in the Battle of Chapultepec.


Since the beginning of the month, it is very common to see everywhere the sale of plastic trumpets, small, medium or large flags, bugles, and everything related to the colors of the Mexican flag. All over the country it is common to see “papel picado” in the houses, in stores, in the plazas and even in the national palace along with other decorations in the color of the Mexican flag. In this month everyone prepares for the celebration of September 15th to have dinner with the family and have all the typical dishes ready along with Mexican costumes. It is also very common for people to buy fireworks and use them at the time of the shout, but even this tradition sometimes lasts many days after the celebration.

There are certain activities and events that take place all over the country during the patriotic month, for example, in Puebla there is the San Pedro Cholula Fair, which lasts from August 30 to September 16. It is one of the biggest events celebrated in this place and there are different typical dishes of the gastronomic zone and handicraft corridors where you can appreciate the work of the artisans. They usually include typical sweets and handmade breads.

The National Fair of Zacatecas is considered one of the 3 most important in the country because it has many different activities, from bullfights, craft exhibitions, mechanical games, charrería, among others. This event takes place from September 5th to 23rd.

Another great example of Mexican traditions in September is the Fiestas Patrias Fair in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato. It is held in the cradle of independence in order to commemorate the great event and the celebration includes music, mechanical games, sporting events, among others.

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