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The sauce of cheddar cheese

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Cheddar cheese is originally from the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England. It is visually pale with a strong yellow or even orange color and has a sour taste, and sometimes natural coloring may be added as with many cheeses. It is a hard cow's cheese with a very particular flavor, which needs up to 2 years of ripening to acquire its fullness, but it is still sold at 3 months, but of course, the longer the better the color and flavor.

Our cheddar sauce has cheddar cheese as its main ingredient and a sauce is also added to give it a special touch. The sauce is totally liquid, and it is only a matter of adding the desired amount to the dish you want to serve.

This cheddar sauce is perfect to put on our Totopos Nachos Mexsabores, Tostis Mexsabores, with hamburgers, French fries, sandwiches, Hot Hogs, macaroni, pasta, vegetables, baked potatoes, among many other delicious options.

We have cheese in 470 g and 2.3 kg format.

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