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Halloween in Mexico

The traditional celebration of Halloween on September 31st is one of the biggest celebrations in the United States, which has its origins in Ireland with the meaning of the end of the dead and the beginning of a new life with the closing of the year and the rebirth of God, the fields and nature. Many Irish emigrated to the United States taking this celebration with them, for this reason in Mexico it has been very popular and it is common to see children trick-or-treating at houses dressed up as something "scary".

Generally Mexicans also decorate their houses, there are meetings, in schools there are also many events for students to go dressed up and the whole school is decorated with the theme of Halloween. At Six Flags in Mexico City there is always an event with games and horror theme, which is quite famous for the people of Mexico City.

The incredible Mexican gastronomy is also present on this date. From days before Halloween you can find in supermarkets the famous 'Pan de Muerto', which is an icon of Mexican culture because it is made with a brioche-like dough that makes it soft and fluffy. There are many different types of pan de muerto, including some with cream inside, and it is usually combined with hot chocolate, such as chocolate de abuelita. The most common dishes are tamales, mole, calaveras cookies, sugar skulls, etc.

There are also many events and parties where people paint themselves or dress up with something related to Halloween all over the country.

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