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Most important hats in Mexico

Mexican hats are an iconic garment in the country, that to this day many foreigners think that in Mexico everyone wears a hat every day, this thanks to Mexican cinema that made famous movies in the world perceive Mexicans with the charro hat.

Hats are part of the clothing in a constant or casual way, they are used a lot for traditions, other people use them for work, or to cover themselves from the sun.

In Mexico there is not only the famous charro hat, there are also other typical Mexican hats that go hand in hand with the regional and climatic roots of the country, such as the "calentano", "jipijapa", "texana", "comal", "jarocho", etc.

The charro hat of Jalisco origin, manufactured in Mexico is made with 100% wool felt, hare hair or wheat straw and can be found in different colors with a traditional Mexican design in metallic, silver or gold finish. It is generally worn by charros or horsemen wearing a traditional Mexican costume and riding a horse. It is the most representative hat of Mexico.

The cowboy hat is made of palm, this material keeps it cool even in very high temperatures and even when exposed to the sun. Its size should cover the head and shade the shoulders. It usually has a strap to hold it to the chin.

The difference between the charro hat and the mariachi hat are the pachucos with the front brim totally flat or those with the back brim slightly raised, or there are even some that have it considerably raised. It includes in the crown two stones, four slits. The mariachi hat has a cup with two depressions on the sides and has no protection, something that the charro needs because it is used as a helmet.

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